The health of your skin, a photo away.


iA-Health develops tools such as DermaCam, which, through a photograph of your injury, can be instantly identified using Artificial Intelligence, and subsequently connect you with the most suitable health professional for you; promoting self-care and early detection of diseases.

Problem #1 we solve:

Waiting time in specialized consultation.

Problem #2 we solve:

Help in the differential diagnosis to the health professional by means of artificial vision.

DermaCam, the health of your skin, a photo away.

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Taking into account the high incidence of dermatological diseases, Outcomes’10, a consultant specializing in Health Outcomes Research. It emphasizes that dermatological diseases are globally distributed; It is estimated that 30-70% of the population will develop one of these diseases in some period of their lives. In addition, the prevalence of skin diseases is expected to increase in the coming years, due to, among other factors, industrialization and climate change.

That is why tools in the field of health must be developed for both individuals and professionals, and thus, we can reduce the mortality figures for associated pathologies.

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