About Us

IA-Health is a Mexican Startup, which seeks to impact society and contribute positively to the achievement of the 3rd. United Nations development goal “Health and Well-being”.

After months of research and development we make out technology available to everyone.

Be a leader in DentaCam development, support the construction of technologies focused on the health sector and save lifes.

We´re aimed Sustainable Developement Goal #3 providing quality and medical satisfaction.

Our Vision

“To be the accesible and affordable mobile tool that, through artificial inteligence, identifies oral and skin diseases, helping to preserve health and thus be able to save lifes around the world.”

Our Difference

Our healthcare professionals hace been building the app together with us, so the iA-Training is provided by qualified professionals. Our connection with health professionals is in minutes, and the appointment we prospect should not exceed 2 weeks.

Our Challenge

“To be a leading company in the transformation of the health”.

Who we are

We are a high-impact company created out of concern for a high incidence of oral and dermatological diseases.

What we do

Through the photographic taking of your skin or mouth lesion, DermaCam and DentaCam will give you a risk prediction, and will connect you with the best specialist in your city so that you can be attended immediately, through consultation or teleconsultation.

Our Value Proposition

-The elimination of waiting time in specialized care.
-Evaluation, monitoring and follow-up of patients.
-Identification of risks through artificial vision with a percentage of clinical specialists.


of internet searches are about health.


of internet users search for possible diseases.


of new patients come to the consultation only if they have some type of pain.

Team Members

We are high impact entrepreneurs


Technological Development


Business Development and Finances


Medical Sciences


Medicine Research and Innovation

We have been international finalist of trepcamp 2021, 3rd place in Explorer, replicated by digital platforms such as business insider and Carlos Slim foundation, as well as having a television note by one of the most important channels in the country.

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